School academic calendar 2016-2017

School Calendar Academic Year 2016-2017


Term 1

Monday 22nd August

Wednesday 24th August

Friday 14th October

Monday 17th  - Friday 21st October

Friday 16th December



First day of Term 1

Independence Day

Defender of the Fatherland Day

Half Term Break

Last day of Term 1

Term 2

Tuesday 10th January

Monday 27th Feb - Wednesday 8th March

Friday 31st March



First day of Term 2

Half Term Break, International Women's Day

Last day of Term 2

Term 3

Monday 3rd April

Friday 14th - Monday 17th April

Monday 1st - Monday 8th May

Tuesday 9th May

Monday 5th June

Friday 23rd June



First day of Term 3

Easter Break

May Holidays Break

Victory Day

Trinity Holiday

Last day of Term 3 (Finish at 12 noon)

Total teaching days: 180